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Time to meet our  Modern Bump Brunch sponsor and photographer, Anita Alberto from Portraits by Anita.

Anita will have a photo booth set-up at the event to snap some excellent maternity photos for all you mamas-to-be. A great memory to have of this special time in your life.

Anita has been a professional photographer for 10 years and started her business to channel her passion for people and passion for photography. Her favourite part of running her own business? “Meeting new people and making people happy. Since I’ve now been in business for 10 years, it’s been a blessing to photograph couples weddings, then their pregnancy and their children. My clients have become friends whom I care deeply about.”

Her overall business goal is simple – to make people happy. Anita wants to capture all the special people and moments in her clients’  lives and to provide them with quality photography and great customer service.

Anita’s photography services include pregnancy, newborn, family, headshots, events, boudoir and Top Model Parties. View her on line portfolio here: http://www.portraitsbyanita.com

Anita will see you at her photo booth on Sunday at our Modern Bump Brunch – get your best pose ready!

Modern Bump Brunch tickets are just $29 until the end of today! $39 regular price. Join us for a photo book, speakers, and loads of awesome prizes. And, don’t forget to enter our current facebook contest for free tickets.


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On December 7th, we’re hosting the first of many “Essential” seminars for mamas, with childcare available – see event details.  I feel really strongly about this event and here’s why:

Sleep is SO important for babies but it can be so difficult for parents to get their little ones to bed! I remember the sleepless nights with my little Tommy – for a long time he would only sleep when held in the comfort of our sling. He’s be snoring in the sling, but the moment you put him down, he’d wake up screaming! Then we used the swing for him to sleep which sometimes worked, but unreliably. Getting him to bed would be a 1-2 hour affair with lots of tears and frustration. We finally did co-sleeping as it was the only way my baby boy would sleep, but it meant one of us was sleeping with the baby from 8pm onwards every night. Not overly practical for us.

During those late nights breastfeeding I read everything about sleeping. Lots of websites, lots of forums, and then books – the No-Cry Sleep Solution, Ferber Method, the Baby Whisperer, Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child – you name, I read it.

It was so overwhelming. Everyone had a different approach and I really didn’t want my baby to cry. It’s heartbreaking, as I’m sure you know.

THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED! I was referred to Dawnn Whittaker of Cheeky Chops Consulting, a sleep consultant and parenting coach. Dawnn totally changed my life as a mom and helped me get my baby to sleep. My baby, who would never sleep without being held, now sleeps 12 hours a night and naps 3 hours a day. Really.

What did Dawnn do? She taught my husband and I about how babies sleep and what they do to go to sleep. She gave us a feeding & sleep schedule and sleep training guidelines to follow, customized for our baby’s weight and temperament. During our sleep training, we checked in with her daily with a sleep journal and she’d make comments and modifications to improve our sleep process. And the number 1 thing Dawnn really taught me was that as a parent, I need to teach my baby how to sleep. Of course they want to sleep next to you and be held by you, who wouldn’t?! You are warm, and loving, and familiar. But sleep is one of the first important life skills you teach your child. It was this statement that I really “got” and then I was on board for sleep training.

My baby was sleeping through the night after 3 or 4 nights. He was napping reliably after 2 weeks (naps are harder).

Ironically, with such a predictable sleeping schedule, my husband and I now end up staying up too late puttering, but the entire house now gets good, uninterrupted sleep and we all wake up pretty happy.

Of course, it’s not always so straight forward. Dawnn also worked with a friend of mine and it took them much much longer, but their baby is also now sleeping through the night and while the training was rough, they say it was totally worth it.

Dawnn has been so amazing for me and my friends that I just had to invite her to speak at a Modern Mama seminar on Sleep. Dawnn will speak about the science and sleep and be on hand to answer all your questions. She’s a wonderful resource and I know this is going to be a great morning. If you’re having struggles with getting your little one to sleep, I hope we’ll see you there!

Modern Mama Essential Series: Sleep
Wed. December 7, 10am
Rocky Mountain Flatbread
1876 West 1st Ave
Childcare available

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Five Things

Happy Friday!

Don’t forget to enter our Facebook contest to win tickets to our Modern Bump Brunch on November 27th (contest ends today). And don’t forget that our early bird ticket price of $29 is on until November 20th. Get your tickets.

This week’s 5 things features some of our favourite things…and they’re all being given away at our Modern Bump Brunch!

1. Comfortable breastfeeding. I gave birth to my baby one year ago and how I wish I knew about Au Fait Mama, Ta Ta Tents, and Coverboo Couture – Au Fait Mama has gorgeous nursing tops and scarves while Ta Ta Tents and Coverboo Couture are unique nursing covers for you to feed that baby in public, privately.

2. Stylish and practical baby. Let’s be honest, a baby is cute is anything! What I love are products that are cute, but also practical for mom. Peekinz Baby makes high quality baby clothes with a genius “pocket” for you to check baby’s diaper. Bambina Sky makes these gorgeous bandana style bibs and great tag blankets. The bibs look great, and they’re extra long to catch those extra long drools. Apricot Culotte sells used and new European baby clothes that are high quality and a great price. Apricot Culotte is putting together a great “newborn” package for a lucky winner at our brunch on the 27th.

3. Basic resources for mom. I can’t think of a better book than the Survival Guide for Rookie Moms by Vancouver Mamas Erica Wells and Lorraine Regel. And you absolutely need a solid diaper bag for getting around town. Fulton Sales is providing a gorgeous one by the ultimate diaper bag makers, Petunia Pickle Bottom

4. Starting your baby’s education plan. Yes, we start early saving up for our little ones. Children’s Education Funds is giving one lucky mama-to-be a $500 RESP to jump start their savings.

5. Mama needs a break. When you’re ready for a break, go get pampered at the spa. Le Petit Spa is offering a spa treatment to a lucky mama AND giving all brunch attendees a gift certificate for the spa. Le Petit Spa offers mom & baby spa day on Wednesday too, so you can go with or without baby.

And these are just SOME of our prizes. I haven’t even mentioned that we’re introducing AND giving away our top 10 must-have items for newborns with West Coast Kids. West Coast Kids is also offering amazing prizes (like over $1000 in great prizes!) at our Edmonton Brunch this Sunday.

We’re looking forward to giving away all these amazing prizes. There’s too many to list now and and more coming in every day, so we’ll keep updating the list!

To get access to all these prizes, please join us for a great brunch celebrating all our pregnant mamas on November 27th.

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I’m excited to introduce you to another fab speaker and sponsor at our upcoming Modern Bump Brunch on November 27th  – the team from Cherish Childbirth Care.

About Cherish:
Cherish Childbirth is committed to empowering birthing. We believe that birth is much more than a one-time event, it is an opportunity for self-discovery. It is our mission to educate clients about their options so they can make informed choices. At Cherish it is our role to support these decisions. We act as both teachers and mentors while helping families prepare for childbirth and parenthood.

Cherish offers the following services:

  • Birth Doula Care – A Doula provides physical and emotional support for an overall sense of calm in the birthing environment, as well as advocacy with medical professionals, education and referrals during pregnancy and in the postpartum phase.
  • Postpartum Doula Care – The first weeks home with a newborn are very exciting but may also be challenging times. A Postpartum Doula steps in during this time of adjustment to nurture the mother, father, and baby .
  • Breastfeeding Support – Breastfeeding can be a learning curve for Mom and Baby. Getting help in the first hours, days and weeks is invaluable. We visit you in your home where you will be primarily feeding baby for the first few weeks to insure things are on the right track and problem solve.
  • Prenatal Classes – Our prenatal classes offer parents-to-be the tools they really need to cope with the process and be able to make informed decisions during their births.  These classes cover the things that really come up during birth and eliminate the myths.
  • Infant Massage Classes – Learn how to massage your baby from head to toe! In these three classes you will learn the proper techniques for massaging your baby along with the signs and signals of overstimulation.

A team from Cherish will be at our Modern Bump Brunch to tell you about Birth and Post-Partum Doulas. Can’t wait to learn more about their doula care!

Don’t forget, our early bird $29 ticket deadline ends November 20th and our Facebook contest to win 2 free tickets closes on November 18th.

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I just love the the poster for our Modern Bump Brunch on November 27th:

We are giving away 2 tickets to attend the brunch on our facebook page this week! Just visit our page and “like us,” and then comment on this post. Winner will be announced on November 18. Good luck!




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As our November 27th Modern Bump Brunch approaches, let’s meet another one of our fabulous speakers and sponsors, Kim Vopni of Fitness Doula.

Kim is a personal trainer and pre and postnatal fitness consultant specializing in the pelvic floor. She is also an importer and distributor of pelvic floor and diastasis recti products.

Modern Mama: Tell us about your family?
Kim:  I live with 3 crazy boys – 2 are my children ages 7 and almost 5 and the other is my husband – I’m outnumbered!

Modern Mama: How long you have been in business?
Kim: I started distributing a product after the birth of my first son 7 years ago but it was very much a pastime while I worked in corporate Human Resources.  Little did I know what that pastime would turn into!  I incorporated my business in 2008 and it has been my main gig (aside from being a Mom) since Jan of 2009

Modern Mama: Why did you start your business?
Kim: I used a product in my pregnancy to help with pelvic floor function.  I had great success and decided to contact the company to see if I could be a distributor so I could make it accessible to other women. I was working in HR and my intention was to just make a few extra dollars while I climbed the corporate ladder and raised a family.

In late 2008 I was a bit disenchanted with working full time, 2 kids in daycare, and filling orders here and there. I decided that in a year I would focus on trying to grow my side business into something that would allow me to work from home. Then the recession hit and I was laid off from my HR job so I decided it was no time like the present!

I became a pelvic floor zealot and read anything I could get my hands on and took any kind of course available. I then learned about diastasis recti and I became an instant core function geek!

I continue to grow my business with passion because so many women suffer needlessly from core dysfunction and I am on a mission to educate women and help them heal.

Modern Mama: What is your goal and main focus of your business?
Kim: The main focus of my business is to educate women on preventive and restorative measures to help them preserve the function of their core (aka prevent abdominal separation, incontinence and organ prolapse). A major goal I have is to play a part in creating a funded postpartum core rehabilitation program that helps women recover from childbirth.  Pregnancy and birth are miraculous but can wreak havoc on our bodies.  We need our healthcare providers to play a more active role in our preparation and recovery.

Kim will be speaking about the pelvic floor at our Modern Bump Brunch on November 27th. Don’t miss our early bird ticket deadline (just $29), coming up on November 20th.

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Five things

Five great things to check out:

1. I just love The Laundress – they make beautiful, natural washing detergents and give you the tools and instructions to wash delicates properly with out dry cleaning! You can get their products at Lark in Vancouver. Products include a formula for washing baby clothes. One of the owners had a baby girl 5 months ago and she’s got a couple great top 10 lists. Her top 10 baby registry items, and top 10 items she wants when her daughter turns 1. Both have great ideas!

2. I attended the Mamas in the City event at Saf & Benjamin this past week and it was a great shopping night! One of my new faves: Tawna Hill Baby Products – some lovely and natural baby wash products. After reading this article, good quality products are even more important.

3. I have apparently been living under a rock because I had never heard of Pintrest until this week! Some mamas at a baby shower I hosted professed to spending way too much time on the site. Now I know why – it’s like a virtual, visual cork board of cool things that you can organize by category. Love it! If you’ve been under the rock with me, check it out.

4. It’s neighbourhood toy store day on Nov. 12th, across Canada! A few shops in Vancouver are partying it up, including Granville Island Toy Company. They’ll be celebrating with some discounts and giveaways – call the store for details.

5. The Vancouver Winter Farmers Market is now on by Nat Bailey Stadium, 10am-2pm every Saturday. – I’m a volunterr food juror for the market and just finished sampling many upcoming offerings coming to a market soon. My top fave so far: white truffle potato chips. Amazing.

Have a great week!

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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